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Image credit: Christine Daniloff/MIT

Scientists Turn Bacteria into Genomic Tape Recorders that Store Cells’ Memories

By the means of randomly sequencing its DNA, researchers succeeded in converting the widely seen gut bacterium E. coli into smallest tape recorder in the world. The latest designed microbes were intently engineered so as to document and store memories from their surroundings that could be traced back later. Such concept was […]

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Image credit: Jean L. via Flickr

Microbes in Your Body May Have Jet Lag Too

You have such experience that when you take a flight across time zones, your biological activities would be thrown out of sync with the time of day. In fact, there is kind of circadian clock in your gut microbes as. With disruption of their daily rhythms, it could cause to […]

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Image credit: A detailed analysis of the microbes that live in houses and apartments shed light on the complicated interaction between humans and the microbes that live on and around us / Argonne National Laboratory

Your Microbes Will Follow You When You Move Home

According to a new study published in the recent edition of Science, home is the place where millions and millions of microbes are harbored. A different microbial community exists at each single household. Whenever we go somewhere, our microbiological auras follow us as well and such microbes can fill our new homes just […]

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Gut bacteria E. coli, one of the many bacteria present in the human gut. Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIAID, NIH.

The Irish Rugby Team Has Exceptional Guts

According to the new study published in the latest edition of the journal Gut, scientists have found that professional rugby players do have very diverse gut microbiomes in comparison of ordinary people of the same size, but seldom engage in exercises. As the authors wrote in their paper, it was the […]

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