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Image credit: Epithelial tissue during dorsal closure of a fruit fly embryo. Betzig Lab, HHMI

Novel Microscope Collects Dynamic Images of Living Organisms

Professor Eric Betzig from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) in Ashburn, Virginia has been awarded with the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry because of his achievement in developing the super-resolved fluorescence microscopy. In addition, Eric Betzig and his team are making continuous efforts in development of a lattice light-shield microscope, which is […]

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Image credit: Carl Merriman via Lego Ideas.

The Lego Microscope Really Does Its Job!

With Lego bricks, Lego artist Carl Merriman has successfully created a microscope of the totally functional compound. The LEGO Microscope MkII is capable of the 10x magnification by installed with the magnifying glasses, adjustable knobs as well as LEDs. Like the microscope used at a lab, this one also have the coarse and […]

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