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Image credit: Luis Carlos Jimenez del rio

New Research Suggests Daily Marijuana Use Is Not Associated with Brain Abnormalities in Adolescents or Adults

According to some recent researches, smoking marijuana is closely linked with physical changes in certain areas of the brain, as far as shape and volume is concerned. However there is no established cause and effect approved by these studies. At present, the latest study, by application of a more robust experimental design […]

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Image credit: Alexander Eichler / ETH Zürich

Extremely High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Detects Single Atom

It has been more than forty years since Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was applied for investigation of soft bodily tissues for medical diagnosis. For the time being, an MRI machine is able to resolve structures down to about 0.1 millimeters, which has been in practice for a quite long time […]

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Image credit: Camazine, via Wikimedia Commons.

Researchers Reveal Correlation between Porn Viewing and Less Grey Matter in the Brain

According to the research done by the scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, there is remarkable association between the time spent on watching pornography and different volume of gray matter in a certain area of the brain. Their study has been published in the journal of JAMA […]

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photo credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Enhance Your Brain by Playing Video Games

A new research has discovered that a positive association does exist between the amounts of time used for playing video games and thickness of specific areas of the brain. Such results released in the journal PLOS ONE could demonstrate a biological reason for the cognition’s  improvements which were previously thought to […]

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