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Image credit: Peter Burnett/iStockphoto

Spinal Circuit for Light Touch and Fine Motor Control Helps You Walk on Ice

At present, many residents living in Northern Hemisphere are having their coldest days in winter and some of them are good at walking on top of ice. According to the latest study done by the scientists from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California, it is suggested that apart […]

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Image credit: Tarasyuk Igor / Image ID: 146471507 / Shutterstock

Researchers Identify Neurons in the Brain Circuit That Regulates Thirst

To stay alive, it is necessary for people to satisfy their aspiration for water. The┬ábenefits of drinking water include flushing the waste out of the body, cushioning joints, assisting the delivery of oxygen to cells, helping digestion, and making the brain act properly. Without water, fundamental physical processes would start […]

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