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Image credit: New Horizon image of Pluto and Charon via NASA/JHU-APL/SwRI

NASA’s New Horizons Spots Pluto Surface Features Including Possible Polar Ice Cap

Some photos of Pluto have been sent back to earth by New Horizons, the amazing space explorer launched by NASA as it is flying much near to this planet. Although such photos are captured with just a few pixels in resolution, they actually offer more information about Pluto than previously […]

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Image credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute. Pluto and Charon as seen from New Horizons with a color imager on April 9, 2015.

New Horizons Spacecraft Sent Back First Ever Color Photo of Pluto and Charon

Although the image above is not so clear, it is actually the first color photograph of Pluto and Charon captured by the spacecraft –New Horizons when it is recently flying over the icy worlds. It is difficult to take the clear images of these two planets at this point, because, on one […]

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