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Image credit: The Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is part of a wider project to restore the world's coral reefs. Caters News Agency

The Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel Receives Patent and Trademark Approval

If you want to find a room with an ocean view, you might try to stay in a new submarine hotel to be developed at 8.5 meters (28 feet) beneath the waves. With patent and trademark approval received recently, the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is ready to be constructed in […]

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Image credit: NASA/GSFC

NASA Study Suggests Early Mars Once Had a Vast Ocean

With six-year observation of atmosphere and recording of water signatures of the Mars, scientists have found it strongly evident that early Mars not only had a much wetter world than they thought before, but also owned a huge northern ocean consisting of a fifth of its surface. The size of […]

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Image credit: Michael Matti, "Ocean Sunset in San Diego by Michael Matti" Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0

The Consequences of Peeing in the Ocean?

It might seem to be a little disgusting, but a lot of people have peed in the ocean at some stages in their lives, no matter they would like to admit it or not. Sure, most of people don’t actually think about the consequences of peeing in the ocean, but […]

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