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Image credit: Sonja Kleinlogel/Retina of blind mouse treated with the new approach.

Researchers Restore Sight in Blind Mice

By introduction of an engineered light-sensing protein into the eyes of mice, researchers from the University of Bern have succeeded in restoring daylight vision of the blind mice. Known as “optogenetics, such process applies a modified virus to introduce the proteins directly into existing vision cells deeply rooted within the eye. It is […]

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Image credit: Tarasyuk Igor / Image ID: 146471507 / Shutterstock

Researchers Identify Neurons in the Brain Circuit That Regulates Thirst

To stay alive, it is necessary for people to satisfy their aspiration for water. The benefits of drinking water include flushing the waste out of the body, cushioning joints, assisting the delivery of oxygen to cells, helping digestion, and making the brain act properly. Without water, fundamental physical processes would start […]

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