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Image credit: isak55 via Shutterstock

Major Publisher Retracts Dozens of Scientific Papers after Fake Peer-Review Uncovered

Shocked by “fabrication” of peer reviews, BioMed Central, Scientific Publisher, has withdrawn 43 papers followed by the further investigation. It is admitted by some editors within the Journal that such withdrawn papers should be the tip of a dangerous iceberg. This scandalous event could to lead to a thorough examination of the […]

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Image credit: Screen capture from video by Papierfliegerei.

A 3D-Printed Gun Can Fold and Fire Paper Airplanes

When you were a kid, you should have played with paper airplane, which would be folded by your hands. Now the situation has been amazingly changed. By just pulling the trigger, the machine gun is capable of shooting a paper airplane into the air. As a popular DIY project, the […]

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