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Image credit: Open Bionics/Disney

Open Bionics Creates 3D-Printed Superhero Prosthetic Arms with Disney

Open Bionics,a robotics company based in U.K. and Disney have jointly developed the 3D-printed prosthetic arms, which would make both kids and even adult excited. At present, three designs have been produced by the company, including a shining arm inspired by Elsa from Frozen, a robotic arm that appears to […]

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Image credit: Sasha Foster, a canine rehabilitation therapist, working with Brutus to help him adapt to his new prosthetic limbs. Better Paws for Brutus / CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Quadruple Amputee Dog Gets Four Prosthetics on All Limbs

Brutus is a two-year-old Rottweiler, but he is quite unique, because he can now walk again with four new prosthetic limbs thanks to a great fundraising job done by his two helpers from Loveland in Colorado. Why did he lose his paws? The tragedy started like this—as the victim of […]

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