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Image credit: jay8085. A new theory has been offered on how these mighty structures were built 5,000 years ago

Physicists Find a Simple Answer on How the Egyptians Build the Pyramids

When looking at the Great Pyramid of Giza, an unsolved puzzle often comes to our mind–how on Earth could the Egyptians create such amazing building? While the other Seven Wonders of the Ancient World have demolished a long time, the Great Pyramid appears in good shape, although it was built two thousand […]

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Drawing of a wall painting from the tomb of Djehutihotep, a semi-feudal ruler of an Ancient Egyptian province, 1880 BC. A person standing at the front of the sled is pouring water onto the sand.

A Study Finds Ancient Egyptians Transported Big Objects over Wet Sand

The new study, published in the journal of Physical Review Letters, has demonstrated that ancient Egyptians applied a simple approach to moistening the sand and then transporting heavy colossi and pyramid stones by sledge in a much easier way. In order to construct pyramids, ancient Egyptians were forced to transport heavy […]

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