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Image credit: TheBackyardScientist/YouTube

What Will Happen When You Put Molten Salt into Water Tank?

TheBackyardScientist is returned, bringing back with a super-high-speed camera and a fish tank as well as some molten salt. It is known that salt (sodium chloride, in technical term) would turn into a molten liquid once it could be to over 801 degrees celsius (1,474 degrees fahrenheit). Therefore, when you drop a […]

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Image credit: Clams by Marlith via Wikimedia Commons. CC-BY-SA-3.0.

See a Clam ‘Lick’ Salt off Table

A lot of people enjoy eating clams in the daily life, but few have notice how they would interact with environment surrounding them. By the means of siphoning water and then filtering it for plankton, clams get the necessary food. However, a recent video should be surprising to you, because it […]

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