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Image credit: Vsauce

How Heavy Is Thor’s Hammer?

According to mythology, the Norse god Thor wields a hammer called Mjölnir. Marvel has expanded Thor’s place in popular culture by publishing comics about Thor, and also has graciously brought us movies on this topic starring Chris Hemsworth. Thor’s hammer is alleged to have been forged within the core of […]

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Tractor beam. This schematic shows how sound waves normally pushed an object away, in (a) and (b). But if they are aimed at an object as in (c), that is also appropriately shaped, the object can be pulled toward the acoustic source. Image credit: APS/Alan Stonebraker.

A Tractor Beam Made of Sound Waves Can Move Around Centimeter-Sized Objects

Tractor beams, also called as “attractor beams,” which can get an object closer to another distant one, do often appear in science fiction. Is it possible that we can really use them in our daily life? Earlier this year, scientists claimed that they had produced a type of tractor beam, […]

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