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Hospi, the hospital robot.

Panasonic’s Endeavor in Popularizing Hospital Robots

Hospitals are surprisingly “robot friendly” places. Now you know. It is common that when doctors at hospital need a certain drug, which is not available on spot, so somebody has to be sent to fetch it at the pharmacy downstairs. This should leave extra burden on doctors and medical staff […]

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The umbrella prototype. A sensor measures raindrops hitting the umbrellas canvas, and transmits that data to a smartphone. Image credit: Rolf Hut / Delft University of Technology.

Making a Mobile Weather Station from Your Umbrella

In the future, your umbrella will not only keep you dry from rain, but also help scientists measure rainfall. It would be possible if a sensor is installed for measurement of raindrops hitting the umbrellas canvas and then the data will be transmitted to a Smartphone. Dr. Rolf Hut, from Netherlands’s Delft […]

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