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Image credit: musicman/Shutterstock

“Santa’s Sleigh” Will Be Visible On Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, when you look up at the sky in Great Britain, you will be able to come across a weird passing light that is shining high up among the stars. Is it the Santa’s sleigh? NO! Actually it will be a quick movement of the International Space Station (ISS) […]

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Image credit: Harvepino/Shutterstock

Ethiopia Launches the First Space Program in East Africa

It would be not surprised to see that few countries in Africa have their own space programs, because this continent is regarded as the poorest and least developed regions in the world. However, if you know that Ethiopia, one of the poorest and most populous countries in Africa, has succeeded […]

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Image credit: Shown is the Veggie system on the ISS. NASA.

Astronauts on the ISS Eat Space-Grown Salad for the First Time in History

If humans could successfully manage to go to Mars, or hopefully go further to the Solar System, it is vital for their survival that they should become self-sustainable and capable of growing their own food on these very long journeys. To realize such goal, at present an important step has […]

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Image credit: Turner et al. Cloud D is the brightest part of this radio wave image, lit up by 7,000 O type stars. The white spots are star clusters and the blue background is a Hubble image of NGC 5253

Millions of Stars Are Forming in Small nearby Galaxy

Recently scientists have observed a dwarf galaxy in the process of forming stars with an unusual rate in regard to its size. The supernebula in the galaxy seems to be regarded as a throwback to a time when huge star clusters were created, which could enable us to have a […]

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Image credit: Artist interpretation of 30 Ari. Credit: Karen Teramura, UH IfA

A Newly Discovered Planet Is Reared by Four Parent Stars

Compared with Earth with only one parent star, other planets existing in systems are quite different. It is common to see more binary star systems than single stars, and it is much rarer to come across planets in triple star systems. But recently researchers have traced a planet in a […]

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Image credit: Researchers have successfully devised a robot capable of giving otherwise healthy people that "feeling of a presence" (FoP) phenomenon, simply by sending mixed-up sensorimotor signals to the brain / Alain Herzog/EPFL

This Robot Makes You Feel Like There Is a Ghost behind You

Do you have the experience of feeling a ghost in your room? After studying several patients with neurological conditions scientists confirmed that they had identified where the phenomenon of such feeling came from. Therefore, they did build a robot that could be bale to recreate that very same feeling by […]

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