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Image credit: The Royal Institution/YouTube

Why Zero Is So Important

Zero is kind of weird beast. Only after the 7th century was it for openly accepted as a number in its own right, at that time the ancient Indians created a numerical system expressing zero with its own symbol. Since then, with such number system still being used now, zero has […]

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Image credit: Alex Figueroa/Youtube

Watch This Video: Huge Alligator Is Eating Another Alligator

As a small reminder from Mother Nature not to get on her wrong side, here you could see a truly horrifying and clearly one-sided battle between two alligators. On April 13 this year, after getting up, Alex Figueroa took a morning stroll in his neighborhood of Lakeland, Florida. When he was enjoying his […]

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Image credit: TheBackyardScientist/YouTube

What Will Happen When You Put Molten Salt into Water Tank?

TheBackyardScientist is returned, bringing back with a super-high-speed camera and a fish tank as well as some molten salt. It is known that salt (sodium chloride, in technical term) would turn into a molten liquid once it could be to over 801 degrees celsius (1,474 degrees fahrenheit). Therefore, when you drop a […]

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Image credit: The stuff of nightmares. Frédérique Voisin-Demery/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Why Standing on Lego Bricks Hurts You So Much?

You would be not believe that if you step on a Lego brick with your bare foot, you could feel kind of pain which was unknown to you before. In this case, you would be wondering that such colorful and playful interlocking bricks of plastic could be such a distressful […]

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Image credit: NRK Viten/YouTube

A Physicist Fires Weapon Underwater – with His Own Life on the Line

Recently, Andreas Wahl, who was a bold physicist, was seen to hang him 14 meters off the side of rickety looking warehouse for the sake of science. In his latest video, he was shown to risk his own life so as to test the power of fluid resistance by firing a loaded gun. In […]

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Image credit: TED-Ex/YouTube

You Can Produce Three Types of Tears

You may not know that your eyes would be able to produce tears constantly, even if you do not cut onions or watch Titanic. In fact, people could produce three different types of tears— basal, reflex, and emotional. It is not difficult to understand basal tears and reflex tears, because […]

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Image credit: Paul L Dineen/Flickr. (CC BY 2.0)

This Video May Change Your Perception of Earth

You may have a very clear picture of where all the capitals of the world are located, but your perceptions of Earth’s geography should be updated in a different way. For instance, were you aware that Italy could fit into the state of Alaska almost six times? After watching this […]

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Image credit: China Central Television (CCTV+) /YouTube

Watch This Drone Footage Video: China Begins to Assemble Mega Radio Telescope

The largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the world is near to completion in China. To present its magnificence, China Central Television has used the drone to reveal its latest development, as well as its unbelievably huge size. Located among the foggy hills of Pingtang County, Guizhou Province of southwest China, […]

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Image credit: "Limu o Pele" via Wikimedia Commons

Meet with Animals that Live Inside Volcanoes

When a volcano happens, most of us would possibly think of a high mountain that has erupted with very hot magma and ash and spewed all over the nearby land, thus nothing would be left under its destructive wake. However are you aware that eighty percent of volcanoes are discovered on […]

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Image credit: Alvesgaspar

What Is the Most Deadly Plant on Earth?

When we are young, we are always warned against eating some random berries and fruits we happen to get. However, are you aware that some of the most deadly plants are usually taken as ornament plants in houses all over the world? Taking the rosary pea for example, it is […]

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