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Image credit: NASA/Hubble Heritage Team

Seven Myths about Space You Might Believe

You would not be surprised to know that some of the things you have learnt at school are actually totally wrong. It is commonly accepted that human understanding of the Earth as well as the Universe are always under constant shift, as we are getting further to know more about how […]

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Image credit: YouTube screenshot / Cars and Water

Watch This Video: What Happens If You Put a Red-Hot Nickel Ball on Ice?

If you intend to put something heated on ice, what do you expect to happen? People could say it is obvious that the ice would melt. However the unexpected thing is the unsacred sound made by the ice block when the red-hot nickel ball cut through the solid slab of frozen […]

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Image credit: The orca lays her trap. Screenshot from YouTube

Watch This Video: A Clever Orca’s Bird Hunt

From this amazing video presented by The Online Fisherman, you can see how an orca intends to capture a bird by using fish as bait. At the start of the video, you can see an orca turning up a flock  of birds and place a fish nearby. When its trap is ready, the […]

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Image credit: A submerged hippo at the Memphis Zoo. Alexdi/Wikimedia

Watch This Video: A Hippo Rescues a Drowning Zebra

The hippo has been listed by National Geographic as list one of extraordinary unpredictable and the most deadly mammals in Africa, where you can also find other same dangerous animals, such as cheetahs, hyenas and lions. Due to the fact that the hippo is accountable for more human deaths compared with than any […]

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Image credit: A calcified fetus (not from Esta Meléndez) removed from a woman after 50 years. Otis Historical Archives of National Museum of Health & Medicine.

A Woman Carried a Calcified Fetus inside Her for Over 50 Years

It was reported this June that an old Chilean lady aged 91 years old, had been discovered with a calcified fetus in her body when she was hospitalized for treatment of an isolated injury. This old woman, whose name was Esta Meléndez, lived in La Boca, Chile. After falling over, […]

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Image credit: Slowed down, you can see the glowing tendrils of lightning as they creep towards the ground. ZT Research/Vimeo

Watch Lightning Strike in a Slow Motion Mode

When a sudden bolt of lightning takes place in such a rapid way, it has left no time for us to enjoy its amazingly natural beauty, because the normal speed at which it happens is nearly 360,493 kilometers per hour. From the video presented here, you can watch a lightning storm in South […]

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Image credit: Screenshot from 'Amazing Monstrous Whirlpool' video via Janis Astics

What Is Going on in This Lake?

Recently a video showing a whirlpool in Latvia has been becoming quite hot on the Internet. It is said that when two opposing, rapidly-moving currents come across, whirlpools would be created. However, people might be wondering where all the water go. In this video, you can see the water is moving downstream, underneath […]

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Image credit: Tatiana Shepeleva/shutterstock

US Military Develops “Self-Steering” Bullets that Can Hit a Mobile Target

  If you think that the study on robotic pack animals, initiated by the U.S. Department of Defense, is not so that terrifying, their tests on ‘self-steering’ bullets in February could be unnerving with the progress made so far. This project is known as EXACTO. With a video released by the […]

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Image credit: Screen capture from Gross Science YouTube video

See the Three-Foot-Long Worms that Mate in Human Abdomen

As kind of parasite, a guinea worm could be harmful to the human being. If the nematode is harbored inside the body of a person, he would be infected with guinea worm disease with remarkable symptoms, such as fever, pain and swelling, in some case, a white worm would poke its […]

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Image credit: Strebe / Wikimedia Commons. A Mercator projection map.

You Might Have Been Cheated by Maps for Your Entire Life

You may be shocked to be told that that every map tells a lie in one way or another, for instance, Mercator projection maps, which is one of the most popularly used at present, enlarge areas far from the equator, while the Goode homolosine projection (pictured below) demonstrates continents in the proper […]

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