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Image credit: NASA/ESA

Stunning Video Takes You Inside The Largest Photograph Ever

Recently NASA and ESA have published the largest and clearest picture of Andromeda, our galactic neighbor so far. Such picture of 1.5 billion pixel have been captured by the Hubble Space Telescope with each tiny dot of light in the image representing one of 1 trillion stars in the galaxy and many […]

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Image credit: Screen shot via Funtube

Watch Japan’s 2011 Earthquake: The Earth Opens and Closes

On March 11, 2011, the earthquake of a magnitude 9.0 occurring at the northeastern part of Japan as well as following tsunami had took the lives of nearly 18,000 people. Lasting for six minutes, the earthquake had more than 250 aftershocks. When the earthquake occurred, an American tourist was on the tour […]

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Image credit: Three escaped rhinos are captured on camera.

A Video of Rhinos Escape

As a zookeeper, the most important responsibility should be locking the animals up in addition to feed them in daily work. However if you fail to do so, they would remind you of your job. Therefore, having large wild beasts wandering along the main street is typically regarded as a bad idea […]

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Image credit: Screen shot via gadhamasti

Monkey Appears to Revive Dying Companion

Recently a video showing that a rhesus macaque was trying to resuscitate his friend was quite popular on Internet. This event occurred at a train station in Northern India when one monkey   had been electrically shocked. In order to resuscitate him, this rhesus macaque had been poking and prodding at […]

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Image credit: Screen Shot Via Veritasium

Veritasium Adventure in Some of the Most Radioactive Places in the World

If you are asked to illustrate some radioactive locations, you might think of Chernobyl or Fukushima. After watching this video from Veritasium, you would be aware that the following locations are not as radioactive as you think previously, such Marie Curie’s laboratory and Albert Einstein’s apartment as well as uranium […]

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Image credit: Clams by Marlith via Wikimedia Commons. CC-BY-SA-3.0.

See a Clam ‘Lick’ Salt off Table

A lot of people enjoy eating clams in the daily life, but few have notice how they would interact with environment surrounding them. By the means of siphoning water and then filtering it for plankton, clams get the necessary food. However, a recent video should be surprising to you, because it […]

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Image credit: Wanderers/Erik Wernquist

Incredible Short Film “Wanderers” Brings Carl Sagan’s Words Back to Life

If you want to know something to happen regarding humanity’s future if they leave Earth, you should go watch this amazing short Sci-Fi film made by Erik Wernquist, the Swedish digital artist and animator. The following is a brief introduction of his work to be looked at on his website: The […]

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Image credit: Solar Dynamics Laboratory

Stunning HD Time-Lapse of Biggest Sunspot in Decades

In October, 2014, a huge sunspot, which was the biggest one of its kind observed in 24 years, appeared on the sun’s surface. Named as AR 2192, with the span of nearly 80,000 miles, the diameter of this sprawling active region was like that of Jupiter. If we had ten […]

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Image credit: Apple Pie Pi Day by Matman via Wikimedia Commons. Licensed by CC.

What Does Pi Sound Like?

When you were studying in middle school, you should be quite familiar with pi in your math class. As the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, Pi is thought to be an irrational number—about 3.14159, and has a wide range of mathematical applications in a regular use, such […]

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Image credit: photo credit: Discovery Channel. Paul Rosolie with the snake he says he will allow to eat him alive

The Trailer for Man “Eaten Alive” By Anaconda Has Been Released on Discovery Channel

On Discovery Channel, the trailer has been released to describe the adventure about Paul Rosolie , a filmmaker who has claimed that he was lucky enough to be alive for telling the story when he went inside the jaws of an anaconda. In the trailer, Paul Rosolie put on a suit, which […]

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