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Image credit: Reactions/ACS

Chemistry Life Hacks

As we all know, science is not only the approach to helping us own vaccines, antibiotics, and robots necessary in our life, it can also provide us with useful tools for quickly cooling beer, making a hamburger perfectly as well as getting away from annoying fruit flies in the kitchen. […]

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10 Disgusting Facts about the Human Body

10 Disgusting Facts about the Human Body

Everybody is trying to keep clean as much as possible–we take a shower each day, clean well behind our ears, and someone even flosses his teeth after every meal. However, that is not enough to maintain your healthy body, because no matter how thoroughly clean we consider we are, we […]

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Image credit: Vsauce

What Is The Earth Worth?

To our best understanding, Earth, the planet where we are living is the only one that is capable of making human life sustainable so far. In this case, we could say that Earth is quite priceless. However, what if we take this matter into account more objectively? How much would […]

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Photo credit: Screen capture from "Hand in Hot Ice" / NurdRage

What Happens if You Stick Your Hand into “Hot Ice”?

Here we do not refer to ice cube you use in your kitchen, but we would like to talk something about “hot ice”, which is kind of substance called sodium acetate trihydrate. At room temperature, it remains solid and will melt into a liquid at 58 degrees Celsius. When being melted into […]

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Image credit: Scott Sheppard, Severe Studios. When a lightning strike hit him Scott Sheppard did not film the bolt itself, but caught the aftermath.

A Man Films Being Struck by Lightning

Recently Scott Sheppard, a storm chaser with Severe Studios, being attracted by a tempest near Fairburn in the state of South Dakota, was struck by lightning when he was very close to it. Even though he failed to film the bolt on spot, he had actual experience of being in the storm. […]

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Image credit: Mach by Hong Leong Bank.

Walking on Water? Easier Than It Sounds

It sounds a miracle that you could walk on water. However, with enough cornstarch added into the water, it is possible for everyone to do so. If you are intended to combine cornstarch and water, you will have created oobleck, kind of a non-Newtonian fluid different from an ordinary fluid. […]

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Image credit: AsapSCIENCE.

Can You Trust Your Ears? Amazing Auditory Illusions Explained

Everyone is fond of a good optical illusion. There are various of sorts of optical illusions, which are closely related with the different mechanisms to trick human brains into thinking we see something in a different way from what it should be. Actually, it does happen to human ears similarly. If […]

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Image credit: Ruby Jylin via YouTube.

Check Out These GLOWING Fish!

Many organisms, such as cats, dogs mice, monkeys, pigs as well as plants, have been engineered to glow in a genetic way. When a new glowing organism is found, many people are not fully aware of the reason why they behave in this sense. As the natural “cool” factor does exist with […]

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Image credit: Tony Powell.

Time Lapse Video of Strawberries

Every year the American people eat nearly 2.2 kg of strawberries on average. As soon as the bloom of strawberry is pollinated, you have to wait for a month until the berry to come up and then become ripened in a process from a hard and white one to a […]

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Image credit: The Slow Mo Guys.

Slow Motion Video of a Underwater Bullet

On YouTube, you may happen to watch a channel called the Slow Mo Guys, which presents many amazing videos about daily events getting featured in slow motion, for example, here you can see that a mouse traps is going off, or paint is bouncing around on a speaker,or deploying an air bag…. […]

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