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The Chemistry of Pizza

holy pizza

Image credit: Reactions – American Chemical Society. You know pizza is delicious. But do you ever think about why?

As a very popular food, pizza is well-received all over the world. However many people are not sure about the reason why they much appreciate its taste. Just like other kinds food, it is attributed to chemistry.

The following video is the introduction presented by the American Chemical Society to such chemistry. If it is not sponsored by the pizza chains globally, it should be undoubtedly welcomed by them.

Not as sausages, you should be relieved when you are aware of how pizza is made and continue to love it.

The study of the chemistry of pizza is a serious scientific one, because it is targeted on showing the baking properties of seven cheeses of different types.

Certainly, pizza has so many diversities; this three-minute video could unable to touch on all the variations one could try. Even in the case to put the toppings aside, there is a long way in which mozzarella has developed between the original illustrated in the video to the low-moisture part-skim mozzarella which are so common. This would be good at explaining why the saying that all pizzas taste delicious could be sadly, if unusually, refuted with experimental evidence.

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