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The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins

A strange relationship was developed between a researcher and a dolphin in 1965.

spotted dolphins

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins So long, and thanks for all the fish. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Early In 1965, a woman participated in a project funded by NASA, which requested her to stay in rooms full of a few feet of seawater for the period of six months. Except for herself, she had a roommate, a young male dolphin.

Although this story was long time ago, the British media now is focusing on the project again by presenting a new documentary titled as The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins, which was first shown at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival June 11 this year.

In addition, BBC4 showed the documentary afterwards and the Observer published a long article describing the project in details.

During the project, Ms. Margaret Howe Lovatt lived together with Dolphin Peter so as to better understand him by making efforts to teach him to talk to her. In fact, Eventually, Ms. Margaret Howe Lovatt tried to care more about the dolphin’s frequent sexual urges by her hands in order to make its language lessons more smoothly

In a clip BBC published on YouTube, Lovatt, who is now 97, years old, recalled this project. At that time, she thought it was quite strange to take part in it, but the actual reason for NASA’s rationale for partially funding was the space agency believed  that if this kind of research targeted on communication human and dolphin was successful, it would be much helpful in exploring new techniques for talking with aliens when such requirement was necessary in the future.

As intelligent and social creatures, dolphins live in a completely different situation and speak a totally different language. If human could understand them well, why not human could talk with aliens?

Unfortunately, the result of the project was a tragedy, because the lab where Ms. Margaret Howe Lovatt had worked violated good animal-welfare practices in several ways, as a result, the project on teaching dolphins to communicate with human had to stop in its way forward.

Source: The Guardian