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The “Living Rock” Found to Be Filled with Blood When It Is Cut Open

Living Rock

Image credit: Wolfgang Raab/Youtube

This weird sea creature could be able to realize the dream your pet rock might never live up to.

When the rock-like Pyura chilensis of Chile and Peru is cut up,  its blood-red insides will be revealed. Although, in fact it is not blood, it’s worth noting that its blood is clear and for the reasons unknown so far, it has super-high concentrations of a unusual chemical named as vanadium. Here when we talk about the red “blood”, it is really the tissue of these creatures.

As a member of the Ascidiacea class, just like sea squirts, such creatures owns a rarely minimal nervous system without central brain, therefore they can not move, and only be able to filter feed by the means of sucking microorganisms from the seawater. Anyway, we are strongly against the action of cutting up these sea creatures (or any creatures).

As you could use your imagination, the sex life of a small, immobile rock monster is appropriately strange. When they are born, all of them are males. However, as they grow up to puberty, they turn to be hermaphrodite. When it is time that these creatures should get down to business, they give out a cloud of sperm and eggs into the water around them. However, if a Pyura chilensis is alone, it would give birth with itself by the means of self-fertilization.

If you would think of this creature as something tasteful, in reality such fleshy red tissue is taken as a delicacy in some parts of Chile, where people described that these creatures have a “slightly bitter, soapy taste.”

Source: The Verge