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The Most Powerful Ancient Queen Was Almost Erased from History

Queen Hatshepsut

Queen Hatshepsut was regarded as the most powerful person in the history of ancient Egypt. But, in the times after her governance, rulers had tried to erase her image from the country’s chronicle. At present, it is believed by archaeologists that they could possibly have stumbled across some unusual remains of hers, which would tell more about her reign.

Scientists at the German Archaeological Institute found that carved blocks that could be the part of an unknown building in the course of Hatshepsut’s rule over the Island of Elephantine in the River Nile. Most of the blocks were believed to be destructed long time ago, but the remaining few that were discovered by archaeologists seemed to have been altered so as to erase the role of the late, great Queen.

The Hatshepsut’s reign was between 1478 BCE and 1458 BCE. According to James Henry Breasted, the famous Egyptologist, she was regarded as the first great woman of history as people knew. During her ruling period, she put on  false beard and disguised her as a male pharaoh. However, although she was a well-known person in the ancient history, one of the blocks demonstrated that her name had been etched out and another indicated that her image as a female was substituted by a different king.

Scientists thought all these were done by Thutmosis III, her stepson, who was bitter, envious and resentful. As soon as he became the king in 1458 BCE, he had launched a wide-ranged destruction wiping away any her foot-prints, many of her monuments included . Now, researchers have discovered such carved blocks showing that she was a woman. It is a really amazing finding to the archaeologists.

Queen Hatshepsut

The original representation, highlighted in red, appears to show a female pharoah, according to the researchers. The image on the stone has. been changed to depict a male king instead. Image credit: German Archaeological Institute

Queen Hatshepsut1