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The Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel Receives Patent and Trademark Approval

The Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel

Image credit: The Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is part of a wider project to restore the world’s coral reefs. Caters News Agency

If you want to find a room with an ocean view, you might try to stay in a new submarine hotel to be developed at 8.5 meters (28 feet) beneath the waves. With patent and trademark approval received recently, the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is ready to be constructed in Key West, Florida and then it will be transported by ship on a barge to an undecided place.

The structure could be accessible by an elevator. All the rooms are well-equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and amazingly panoramic vistas of the surrounding marine environment. The more superb character of this hotel is that in technical sense it is cataloged as a vessel because of its ability to navigate the ocean by the means of electromechanical propulsion, thus it could be capable of changing location so as to avoid storms.

The hotel is being financially supported by Tony Webb, who is also the sponsor of the SYNERGY MOON project, an official entrant in the Google Lunar X Prize, which is a race to land a robot on the moon. So here you can see Tony Webb has turned his focus from outer space to “inner space tourism,” providing adventurous tourists with the chance to find out more about the deep oceans in the world.

With building cost of nearly $20 million (£13 million), the designed hotel can not only allow tourists unique travel experiences, but also be regarded as one part of a larger philanthropic project, which is targeted at restoring coral reefs around the globe.

It has been recently reported that climate change has caused  a rise in submarine temperatures, thus leading to  widespread bleaching of coral reefs. It is expected that nearly 38 percent of coral reefs would be affected by the end of the year.

To help tackle such problem, the team sponsoring for construction of the hotel are now funding a world-wide coral reef restoration program, with the technique termed as the Biorock process. Such technique is involved in passing an electric current through seawater, which results in minerals in the water to crystallize, thus creating white limestone (calcium carbonate) structures. Under this circumstance corals would be able to adhere to these and flourish. The wide application of this technique is now seen at various locations around the world, including the likes of Jamaica, Palau, Thailand and Mexico.

The invitations have been sent to some countries, every Caribbean island nation included, offering them to register their interest in hosting the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel. As long as these countries approve a mooring location for the structure, they would be the temporary host of the hotel until it moves on to its next destination.

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