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This Will Revolutionize Education


Image credit: Wikimedia Commons, Author: Masae

For the last century, we often heard of such saying – this latest technology would actually revolutionize education; it refers to the different new technology at the different times of the history, for example, the motion picture, radio, educational television, computers and tablet computers, which have been regarded as pioneers of new development to change education fundamentally forever.

Although we have experienced so many revolutions in the past dozen of decades, education has not basically changed, because education is still given in the same way for a long time and it has no sign to be changed at any time quite soon.

In regard to the question referring to the inability of the technology to revolutionized education, Derek Muller from Veritasium has illustrated two reasons: technology is not naturally better than the traditional teaching methods, and learning, in some sense is kind of social activity rather than an individual action

If you want to know more about the opinion of Derek Muller on the subject, please go watch the following video.