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Time Lapse Video of Strawberries


Image credit: Tony Powell.

Every year the American people eat nearly 2.2 kg of strawberries on average. As soon as the bloom of strawberry is pollinated, you have to wait for a month until the berry to come up and then become ripened in a process from a hard and white one to a red and firm berry that tastes sweet.

If you would like to see what happens when strawberries are left out for 2 weeks, you are kindly suggested to watch this video, which shows this process sped up to only 15 seconds.

If you are fond of eating fresh strawberries, you should be aware how rapidly they can turn on you. As moisture can lead to softening of strawberry, it becomes more prone to bruising and thus decaying. This is main reason that only before the time when you really want to eat, you will wash them.

Even if you do not wash them, they are also easily bruised. Therefore, when you buy strawberries, you had better avoid keeping them packed together in the container; it would cause them to be damaged and squishy, thus making them to rot more quickly. When they start to rot, a gas is emitted that speeds up the process. So another suggestion is not to keep them piled in together.

Check out this video showing what happens when strawberries are left out for 2 weeks:

Source: IFLScience