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Turning Used Coffee Grounds into Alcoholic Beverage

1-HPRuqK1AxX2cojMLpRyhaRmN68LyKbL26JGcMvU3FYAgAAkAEAAEpQ_260x196Now we have a new kind of buzz of coffee. Researchers have found a method to turn used coffee grounds into alcoholic beverage. In recent years, distilled spirit industry has been calling for finding new ways of making new-flavor drinks from unusual raw materials. To answer the call, some scientists began to examine the possibility of using coffee grounds for brewing.

Firstly, the scientists collected raw materials from a Portuguese coffee roasting company and then dried them. The coffee powders were heated at 163°C in water for 45 minutes, followed are separating the liquid and adding sugar. In the next step, they mixed the liquid with yeast cells and let the concoction ferment, then concentrated the sample, which contained high alcohol content. A very similar process has also been applied in producing other distilled drinks like rum and whiskey from molasses and wheat.

Volia! Using coffee grounds, researchers have made a new alcoholic beverage containing 40% ethanol, which is comparable to other liquor such as tequila and vodka. This new findings will be published on the September issue of LWT- Food Science and Technology.

Eight professional taste testers performed an evaluation on the beverage and rated the intensity of smells and flavors in the alcohol. As described by the judges, the beverage smelt like coffee and tasted bit and pungent. Researchers pointed out that the taste could be improved as the improvement of the technology, and this beverage would be of good quality for consumption.

However, you should not count on the caffeine in the beverage to keep you awake, since most of the caffeine has disappeared during the brewing process.

Editor’s note: Don’t drink too much!

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