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Use This Online Test to Check Out Which Personality Traits You Have

Use This Online Test to Check Out Which Personality Traits You Have

It is commonly accepted that every human being has its own characters in regard to different traits, temperaments and quirks, whether he is an altruistic daydreamer or she is a short-tempered narcissist. If you want to know what kind of personality traits you have, you could try to find out by finishing  the International Personality Item Pool, which is thought to be one of the more comprehensive and established personality tests so far.

Although people might wonder that this 20-minute test could fail to locate the diversity of different people out there, because test-takers are required to answer the questions themselves could lead to its own set of biases, in fact this test would be pretty interesting to probe the way in which personality could be measured. Best of all, it only takes you less that 20 minutes to do the test online.

According to the test, your personality is composed of five major personality traits, also named as the “Big Five”, including Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Neuroticism, and Open to Experience. Under each category, there are also six more precise sub-groups. For instance, under the category of “Open to experience”, you could find sub-groups such as into artistic interest, adventurousness emotionality, intellect, imagination and liberalism.

The result you get from the test is based on how much you agree or disagree with a list of statements on a five-point scale.

When you finish answering the questions, you would be offered an analysis about how you match with all the different traits and how they translate into daily life.

Actually, you could take two tests. The 300-question one would take you less than 40 minutes to finish, but you could complete the 120-question one in nearly 15 minutes. Here something related with your patience could decide which test you would take.

Eager to do your own tests, please check out the quiz here.

Source: Business Insider