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Vets Astounded to Find Unusual Facts about Bellini The Kitten

Bellini The Kitten

Image credit: Cats Protection

When he was little, the cat named as Bellini was put under the care of Cats Protection’s St. Helens Adoption Centre in the United Kingdom. After several weeks, Bellini’s caretakers thought the cat was a male. But to their surprise, they found that Bellini was in fact had both male and female genitalia while they implemented a routine neutering procedure when Bellini was nine weeks old. This phenomenon was colloquially called as “hermaphrodite.”

Although caretakers have discovered the Bellini’s unrelated heart murmur which need to go through the veterinary check-ups on a regular basis, they were quire sure that the kitten would lead a perfectly healthy and long life,

In her statement, Sarah Elliott, central veterinary officer of Cats Protection’s, said that hermaphrodite cats did seldom happen, therefore Bellini belonged to few cats that had such phenomenon. This might be related with mosaicism, which occurred when cells of a kitten’s divided in an unusual way while the kitten was a growing embryo. This was likely to  happen to a cat who would have either male or female reproductive organs and genitalia, or a pair of mixed reproductive organs and genitalia. Bellini seemed to fall into the latter with a mixture of both.

The adoption center is now trying to find a new home for Bellini, together with Daiquiri, the kitten’s sister, near the St. Helen’s area. If you want to get more information, go visit the website of the Cats Protection

As Sonia Scowcroft, manager of the adoption center said that they got accustomed to calling Bellini a boy; however it was his new owner who would decide what they thought was best. Either way, Bellini was a really cutie pie and he would act as a lovely pet.

Source: BBC