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Walking on Water? Easier Than It Sounds

Walk on oobleck

Image credit: Mach by Hong Leong Bank.

It sounds a miracle that you could walk on water. However, with enough cornstarch added into the water, it is possible for everyone to do so.

If you are intended to combine cornstarch and water, you will have created oobleck, kind of a non-Newtonian fluid different from an ordinary fluid. Although it can be poured like a liquid, it really works like a solid if force is being applied. In fact, if you can pour enough cornstarchs into a pool, you will be able to run, walk, dance, or even play soccer on the surface. But the only thing you should do is to make sure that you would keep moving, if not, you would be gobbled in a quicksand-like situation.

If you want to know more about this miracle, you had better view this group of people in Malaysia, playing in the pool full of 8,000 liters of oobleck. It is hoped that it could inspire you to have fun in your own oobleck pool this summer. For further information, you are kindly suggested to check out the recipeĀ at the following website.