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Want to Spend Less When Shopping? Wear Your High Heels!

Want to Spend Less When Shopping? Wear Your High Heels!

A marketing research from Brigham Young University reveals that when consumers are focusing on the balance of their body while shopping, for example, when they are wearing high heels, they will think in a different way.

For ladies who are considering making a big purchase such as a television, we highly recommend you to do as follows:

  1. Read reviews;
  2. Compare prices;
  3. Wear your high heels.

If you really hate high heels, you can change it with another activities. For an instance, you can go up and down on an escalator, play Wii Fit for a while, or go shopping right after your Yoga course. The new marketing research from BYU found that when consumers are concentrating on keeping balance, they are more likely and willing to make comparison between products, and hence choose a product with an intermediate price.

“If you always overspend or go to extremes when shopping, you should consider wear your high heels.” said Jeffrey Larson, a marketing professor in BYU. Professor. Larson and his co-author, Darron Billeter discovered that almost anything that can keep human’s brain focusing on maintain balance could exert an influence on purchasing choice.

Again, using television purchase as an example, the study found that consumers concentrating on balance tend to spend $450 on a 42”television while not spend $300 on a 32”one or $650 on a 50”one.

This research is categorized in a new area, which studies the correlation between body sensation and decision making process. Previous research also covered the effects of temperature, weight and hunger.

This research, published on the newest Marketing Research, contains several experiments to introduce balance into consumers ‘purchasing experiences. The experiments include:

  • When shopping online, lean backwards to the chair and tilt the chair;
  • Answer questions about selecting goods while playing Wii Fit games;
  • Consider which printer to buy while standing on one foot…

There are other activities that can achieve similar effect, however they are not included in this study. Such activities can be something like making decisions on a cruise or walking in the frozen sidewalk while thinking about what to buy in winter.

The author said, the most important part of the study is that people should notice how our way of thinking is influenced by body factors. “We should stop and think for a while, ‘is this really what I want, or it is my shoes that affect my choice?” Billeter said. “We should be more careful, on the real cause that influence our choices.”

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Image source: Jaren S. Wilkey/BYU Photo