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Watch a Brave Baby Elephant Survives against 14 Lions


baby elephant vs lions

Image credit: Norman Carr Safaris

When you saw fourteen voracious lions surrounded a lone baby elephant, you should possibly think the death was waiting for such small pachyderm. However what surprised us was its   tenacity and courage in fighting with these lions.

The guests on a game drive had filmed this life-or-death battle which occurred not long ago at SouthLuangwaNational Park near the Norman Carr Safaris Chinzombo Camp, Zambia. During this rare standoff, the baby elephant resorted to different tactics to escape from attack of such ruthless lionesses, like fighting back them and wading through the water. At one moment, stage, two lionesses were on his back with another clawing at his hind legs. This baby elephant was thought to be between 5-10 years old.

When seeing this amazing event, Innocent, the safari guide claimed that he had never come across such thing in his long time career. It was such a incredible scene that a baby elephant was successful in fighting off all 14 lions.

It was unknown how the baby elephant was separated from his herd. However he finally managed to be reunited with his family. The park staff has named the survivor as “Hercules” in honor of his extraordinary bravery.

Source: National GeographicNorman Carr Safaris and Huffington Post

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