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Watch How a Diver Fend Off Sea Lion Attack

sea lion

Image credit: Sea lion pup by refractor via Wikimedia Commons. CC-BY-2.0

To the eyes of ordinary people, sea lions seem to be pretty and cuddly. As territorial animal, sea lion could also attack on humans, although it would not happen so often.

When Chris Okamoto, a freediver was spearfishing near Santa Barbara, California, he found such rare thing. Using his GoPro camera, he had filmed his unusual encounter with the attacking sea lion using and succeeded in frightening this sea lion away with the butt of his speargun. If you are interested in such process, you could watch the following video.

Being catalogued as pinnipeds, which meant “winged foot”, sea lions could be distinguished from seals by their unique ear flaps that seals did not have. By rotating their hind flippers, sea lions were able to move easily on land.

Sea lions usually live along the coastlines and islands of the Pacific Ocean’s and they feed themselves with the sensitive whiskers for feeling and location of their prey.

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