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Watch Japan’s 2011 Earthquake: The Earth Opens and Closes


Image credit: Screen shot via Funtube

On March 11, 2011, the earthquake of a magnitude 9.0 occurring at the northeastern part of Japan as well as following tsunami had took the lives of nearly 18,000 people. Lasting for six minutes, the earthquake had more than 250 aftershocks.

When the earthquake occurred, an American tourist was on the tour of a park and he happened to take the video, which  demonstrates how dynamic the ground could be. In this video, we could see ground to be opening and closing, with some regions water being spurted to the surface.

What happened here is kind of the geological phenomenon called liquefaction. As saturated soil goes through huge stress, such as remarkable tremors of an earthquake, the pressure of the water would be significantly increased. As the result, it  would allow the soil particles to be engaged in a much freer movement and act more like a liquid than a solid essentially.