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Watch Spectacular Northern Lights Produced by Huge Solar Storm

northern light

Image credit: Jamen Percy/ Shutterstock

Recently Slooh’s expedition team have been busy themselves with operation to gain a live feed of the Northern Lights as well as the entire solar eclipse from the Faroe Islands. It is clear that their efforts have been awarded with some amazing footage which is unique to our observation. And we are looking forward to see more big events ahead. However, if you are unlucky to capture a glimpse of such incredible live video of the Icelandic aurora, you could experience the highlights released by Slooh’s team from the following video.

To your surprise, you could find that a lot of shocking activity is going on in the sky as result of a fierce geomagnetic storm. You might be amazed by such a vigorous splash of terrific green observed over the skies for the better celebration of St. Paddy.