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Watch This Video: A Hippo Rescues a Drowning Zebra

Hippo and zebra

Image credit: A submerged hippo at the Memphis Zoo. Alexdi/Wikimedia

The hippo has been listed by National Geographic as list one of extraordinary unpredictable and the most deadly mammals in Africa, where you can also find other same dangerous animals, such as cheetahs, hyenas and lions. Due to the fact that the hippo is accountable for more human deaths compared with than any other mammal, it is also notorious for killing crocodiles.

However, after watching the following video, you should be definitely surprised what you would see. (* The zebra appears at 1.05)

From the video you would be aware that there is not only proving compassion among humans, but it does also exist in animal world. Here a hippo appears to offer kind of help to a drowning zebra across a river and assists in pushing it over towards the bank until it succeeds in clambering out of the river. During this course, there is no attack at all, after the zebra is safe on the other side of the river, the hippo heads its way back into the water.

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