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Watch This Video to Understand How Easily a Rat Wriggles Up Your Toilet


Image credit: How does a rat make its way around the U-bend? Screen capture/National Geographic

In their daily life, it is common that many people would come across some unexpected things that could turn up in their toilets, like frogs, snakes and even possums and squirrels, as well as rats.

Therefore people would wonder whether it would pretty easy for a rat to struggle its way getting through the sewers, succeed in cutting through the internal plumbing and navigating the U-bend and finally find its way into their toilet.

Based on information provided by National Geographic, it is undoubtedly easy for a rat to do so, because you might not know that rats could be able to tread water for three days at maximum, and to hold their breath for three minutes. Such combined skills would enable rats to squeeze through the very tiny spaces. So next time, if you happen to see a rat in toilet, you would be not amazed as before.

For more information, please go watch the following video presented by National Geographic.