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What Does Pi Sound Like?


Image credit: Apple Pie Pi Day by Matman via Wikimedia Commons. Licensed by CC.

When you were studying in middle school, you should be quite familiar with pi in your math class. As the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, Pi is thought to be an irrational number—about 3.14159, and has a wide range of mathematical applications in a regular use, such as geometry and trigonometry.

It was ancient Babylonians who made their first attempts in calculation of pi, which confirmed the value of pi equaling to 3 by calculating the area of a circle as three times the square of its radius. From one Babylonian tablet, pi was closely indicated to be 3.125 and afterwards, in the ancient Egyptian’s calculation, that was the period of 1650 BC, pi was approximated as 3.1605.

However in today’s world, pi is numerically written as 3.14, which is widely accepted by ordinary people in their daily application.

In order to show this magical pi, Michael Blake has assigned a number to each musical note, thus creating a composition to play out the digits of pi. If you are interested in such composition, you could go watch the video of his piece on YouTube as follows.

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