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What Happens if You Stick Your Hand into “Hot Ice”?

hand in hot ice

Photo credit: Screen capture from “Hand in Hot Ice” / NurdRage

Here we do not refer to ice cube you use in your kitchen, but we would like to talk something about “hot ice”, which is kind of substance called sodium acetate trihydrate. At room temperature, it remains solid and will melt into a liquid at 58 degrees Celsius.

When being melted into a liquid, it will become supercooled at   its freezing point without being crystallized. When some disturbance point (a nucleus for crystals to be formed around) is introduced, the rest of the liquid will be solidified quickly.

From this video made by NurdRage, the nucleation (a sodium acetate coating on the hands in this case) can cause the jarful of molten hot ice to start crystallizing in a rapid way. It is quite warm with the consistency of ice cream.

Sodium acetate and water are important components in making heat pads and hand warmers. The crystallization process will be started through bending the metal disk, thus releasing heat as it solidifies. By dissolving all the crystals in boiling water, you can use these packs again. Remember to make every single crystals be dissolved, otherwise it will be solidified again.

Source: NurdRage