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What Happens to a Hamburger in Stomach Acid?


Image credit: Kici, via Wikimedia Commons.

Experimenting with junk food is now kind of a fad today. For example, someone has intended to leave out burgers and fries from Maccy D’s for several months consecutively, expecting to know what would result in it.

In order to identify the effects of various chemicals and elements, scientists from the University of Nottingham as part were engaged in a series of experiments to find out what would happen after a McDonald’s burger was dunked into concentrated hydrochloric acid. The result was quite  disgusting.

Being found in our stomachs, hydrochloric acid is involved in the digestive process, in which it would generate the favorable condition for digestive enzymes in their functions for breaking down food and killing bacteria as well.

As a very corrosive material, hydrochloric acid is widely used in various industrial sections. However, it can not eat through our stomachs thanks to secretion of a thick layer of protective mucus.

From the video, you can the burger had turned into a stomach churning black sludge, and it was not completely broken down. The possible reason was that the burger was highly-contained with fat and the scientists did not put substances found in our digestive system which helped break down fat, such as bile which was generated in the liver and stored in the gallbladder.

Source: IFLScience