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What Is Going on in This Lake?


Image credit: Screenshot from ‘Amazing Monstrous Whirlpool’ video via Janis Astics

Recently a video showing a whirlpool in Latvia has been becoming quite hot on the Internet.

It is said that when two opposing, rapidly-moving currents come across, whirlpools would be created. However, people might be wondering where all the water go.

In this video, you can see the water is moving downstream, underneath the road, on which the spectators are standing.

At the first, the little whirlpool is seen to sample some week ice sheet appetizers. In your imagination, such tiny action would not be regarded as “Amazing Monstrous Whirlpool“, but it is really the start of the coming destructive movements.

It takes just 0:52 seconds to observe how the whirlpool would affect the distant ice, thus pulling it away along a deadly current, though it is the slow one.

At 2:20 things turn to warm up when the whirlpool destructs a big piece of wood or road surface, then devouring large sheets of ice and something which could be a tree before.

At 3:50 minutes, it appears that the whirlpool has bitten off more than it could digest when it is trying hard to take something huge. However, there is nothing to fear for the whirlpool, because it is likely to devour all it is able to hand on in its eye!

Afterwards, at 5:20, the big crescendo is heard with a man walking across the screen, and a huge ice sheet is dragged to its destruction in a slow move.

Although it cannot be regarded as a quick victory, actually it is quite sweet and a little bit awesome.

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