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What Is the Most Deadly Plant on Earth?


Image credit: Alvesgaspar

When we are young, we are always warned against eating some random berries and fruits we happen to get.

However, are you aware that some of the most deadly plants are usually taken as ornament plants in houses all over the world?

Taking the rosary pea for example, it is 75 times more lethal than ricin, but if you ingest the whole seed, it will be harmless to your body when it passes it through, because it owns a very strong outer coating.

Talking of ricin, castor plants with the high content of ricin in their beans can be purchased at almost any florist or home decoration store since they are often used as an ornament plant for display, even though it was classified as the most poisonous plant on earth in 2007.

The common castor oil plant is extremely poisonous. Shutterstock/Wasanaja

The common castor oil plant is extremely poisonous. Shutterstock/Wasanaja

Therefore, if you are curious to find out more innocent looking plants that could kill you in a few days’ time, please go watch the video of 10 Most Deadly Plants at Matthew Santoro.

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