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What Is This Pink Blob Floating in The Indian Ocean?

Pink Blob

It is widely accepted that the sea is dark with amazing terrors. However, sometimes it is not always terror as people think, because certain kinds of mysterious lifeforms, such as a bizarre purple blob, which was seen the coast of California not long ago, could bring some surprise to us.

At present, a new bemusing lump of biological matter has been at the shores of Bunbury, Western Australia, such thing has caused some fishermen a bit of head-scratching. At first, people are not sure what this chunky, fleshy,pink, smooth,  and unbearably smelly conundrum is.

Mark Watkins, a fisherman aged at 21 years, had certainly never come across this kind of thing before. In the interview with the West Australian, he said that when they got closer, they found out it was dead whale because of the smell. Surprisingly, its stomach was full of gas, that made bloated up.

When whales are alive, their stomachs tend to be full of gas, but normally it could be kept under control. Sometime after death, they would float up to the surface. When rays of the Sun started to hit the whale’s abdomen, they would cause the gases to expand, thus eventually forcing the stomach to swell up. Occasionally, this could also make cause the cetacean explode with dramatic, gore-filled fury.

When being drifted away from the carcass, Watkins found that it started to deflate, just like a few sharks turning up and taking a few bites out of the ex-whale. It had made its gastrointestinal gas and fluids to flood out into the Indian Ocean.

Now it is not clear what kind of the exact species of the whale is, but it is possible that it should be a humpback or southern right whale, because they are two of the whales most commonly seen off the western Australian coastline.


A non-deceased humpback

A non-deceased humpback whale. Gudkov Andrey/Shutterstock

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