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What It Would Look Like If The Orion Nebula Was Only Four Light Years Away? Check This Amazing GIF

Orion Nebula

Image credit: The Universe

Messier, better known as the Orion Nebula, is roughly 1,344 light-years away in our spiral arm of the Milky Way. The nebula is very huge, which is around 40 light-years in diameter. For your convenience to perceive the distance, it’s worthy of noting that Earth is around 8 light-minutes away from the Sun. Although the nebula can be seen in the constellation Orion with naked eyes, it appears to be a little point of light, just like a star. If the nebula were only 4 light-years away from Earth, however, it would become massive enough and completely dominate our view of the night sky.

Check out this clip from The Universe that gives you an idea of how it would look like:

It should be noted that this image has been color-processed and has an exposure time of nearly one hour per filter, hence, our eyes would not be able to see it look quite spectacular as it is. However, it would still be an amazing view.

Source: reddit