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What Will Happen if You Put Metal into Microwave Oven?

microwave oven

Image credit: HuffPost Science.

It is widely accepted from our childhood that you should never put metal into the microwave in any cases, because leaving a fork on a plate in the microwave could cause some severe damages or even certain death.

However, to our surprise, some metals are fine enough to be in the microwave, for many components of the microwave are made out of metal and those are capable of being microwaved inside of an aluminum-covered sleeve with small amounts of aluminum in it.

It is explained in the following video from HuffPost Science that how disastrous it could be to microwave a utensil would depend on the type of metal and the shape of the object. As for spoons, it is usually fine, but forks could generally generate sparks because of the built-up negative charge in the tines. The sparks could lead to fire due to what kind of things you put   in the microwave, Even no fire occurred, such sparks would be harmful to the inside of the microwave and make it unsafe to further utilization.

Although it is clearly demonstrated with this knowledge, it is strongly suggested that you should not put all of your silverware or other metal items into your microwave just to see what happens. IFLScience will not be held liable for any damage related to such a foolish attempt.

Check out what’s really going on when metal goes into the microwave:

Source: Huffpost Science