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Why Do You Have Dreams?


Image credit: Rachel Adams via flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

It is quite often that you would have some weird experiences in your dreams, such as flying over the Great Wall like a bird, participating a final course exam nearly ten years ago in college, or finding a great deal of gold bars in your garden.

Even if you are sleeping, your brain is somehow active and still does housekeeping maintenance on your body. Levels of certain neurotransmitters stop, keeping the body from being moved in reaction to such activity. As the body could be got out of the equation, other parts of the brain which is in charge of conscious thought and memory make efforts to decode the signals in a way that they could be sensible, thus making a dream.

Here Michael from Vsauce has summarized the scientists’ understanding about dreams and the neurological effect on those with sleep disorders as well as some kinds of theories which cover the evolutionary relevance of such phenomenon.