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Why Do You Want to Poop after Drinking Coffee?

coffee and poop

Image credit: Ljupco Smokovski/Shutterstock

When getting up, some people usually prefer to have a cup of coffee. However shortly after this first coffee, they might feel sudden need to poop. Why is it so urgent to use the toilet after drinking the coffee?

Normally caffeine is believed to be the cause of such sudden intense urge to go to the toilet; however most of us have no the same urge after we finish a Coke or Mountain Dew. So what is the difference between coffee and those drinks?

Although scientists are unsure about which of coffees’ 2000 compounds play the leading role for such a quickly laxative effect, but they are clear that it is the mystery chemical that generates the effect within our body. It could enhance levels of some compounds like gastrin, which is located in the colon, and cholecystokinin, a compound which could regulate how often we go.

Based on ACS Reactions, just a third of the population feels such effect from coffee, which is much less than normal expectation!