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Why Is It So Difficult to Lose Weight?

Why Is It So Difficult to Lose Weight?Everyone knows that the best way to deal with obesity is to eat less and exercise more. However, it is easy to become fat from being lean, while it is difficult to do in the opposite way. So eating less and exercise more is not a simple issue to be addressed. Not long ago Mr. Kevin Howl and his colleagues from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of the United States demonstrated a mathematical model in the magazine of “the Lancet”, trying to solve the dilemma mentioned-above.

The experts of NIH and the National Health Service (NHS) of UK share the identical view that the simplest rule for losing weight is to take in less calories. If you could take 500 calories less every day, you could lose weight of 0.5 kilograms in one week. But other experts also admitted that the model is too simple without covering the effect of weight increased on the process of metabolism.

The model of Howl not only covers such issue, but also can customize the practical weight-loss program based on individual body characters, because food would cause different effects on muscle and fats. For example, the previous model showed that if you could drink one less a coke (250 calories) everyday and kept doing so for three years, then you could lose the weight of 35 kg. And through constantly dieting, the weight would steadily decline; however, according to the model of Howl, in the study of coke-drinkers, the average weight lost is only 11 kg, and the dieter’s weight won’t drops any more as soon as it eventually reaches a stable point.

For many people, it is easy to become fat, even if the very small eating disorders can lead to weight gain (only ten more calories is taken-in every day, but over the past 30 years, average weight of Americans have gained by 9 kg). The difficulty in losing weight is that you have to eat more food in matching your intake and appetite after your weight increased for your daily survival. After your weight is increased by 9 kg, you have to take 220 calories every day. If you want to return to your normal weight, what you should do is to take fewer 220 calories instead of 10 calories every day. However it is quite difficult to do so. For example, as for a male of 23 years old and 170cm high, if he wants to maintain a healthy weight of 70 kg , he should have the daily intake of 2294 calories, if he weighs 110 kg and he needs to have 3080 calories, the extra amount of 786 calories is for his fat . If he wants to return to the weight of 70 kg, he has to take 786 calories less a day, even if the number is lower than 786 calories, he could lose some weight, but could never be back to 70 kilograms and would remain in a stable position eventually.

In principle, the fat persons can lose weight by gradually decreasing intake in different stages. But in fact, it needs the iron will to do so. The persons with such iron will actually seldom make themselves fat. So it is more important to keep your shape at the very beginning rather than trying hard to lose weight after becoming fat.

*Image source: Jessica White/The New York Times

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