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Why Men Love Lingerie: Rats Wearing Jackets Can Offer Hints

rat on white background

Image credit: ZaZa Studio/Shutterstock.com

Female rat wearing jacket is something similar to the woman in lingerie. Among every animal species, sexual behavior is controlled by kind of complicated interaction between the performances of hormones in brains.

In a latest weird study, scientists had female rats wear the special jackets in order to know better about the reason which could turn male rats on. These new discoveries, presented at the annual conference of the Society for Neuroscience recently, would be helpful in giving the answer to the long-unsolved puzzle: Why do men like lingerie?

According to the previous study hosted by Gonzalo Quintana Zunino from Concordia University, male rats could get used to do ejaculating around females who released a special odor, namely almond. These males were given awards in the period of their post-ejaculatory state. Zunino’s team also discovered that virgin male rats with a particular rodent-tethering jacket in their first sexual action would lose sexual arousal and motivation without the jacket on before another act of intercourse was carried out.

Such studies show in which way an odor becomes a partner-associated indication and how the jacket serves as a contextual indication for sexual motivation. At present, the same team would like to make sure whether the rodent jacket could serve as a cue for establishment of “conditioned ejaculatory preference” (CEP), or is the jacket a turn on?

In one experiment, twelve sexually-naïve male rats experienced fourteen multi-ejaculation trials with females with the rodent jacket on. As for the final trial, the males were put onto an open field with two sexually-capable females: One was wearing the jacket; the other was in her birthday suit. As a result, more males ejaculated first with females wearing the jacket. In addition, they intended to feel the jacket with their whiskers while they were mating together.

In the second experiment, some male rats were continuously exposed to the females with jacket who were sexually receptive and then to those females without jackets who were non-sexually receptive. In the final open field test, the males could ejaculate much rapidly, with the females wearing jackets. Afterwards, the team carefully assessed the brains of these males, in comparison with the brains of males who had no special training in linking a jacket with sex. As a result of examination, researchers found that males who mated with the female with jacket on demonstrated more activity in the brain’s pleasure center.

In their findings, males are able to know more about associating somatosensory cues with sexual arousal, which in this instance means the feel and sight of particular outfits. In Quintana Zunino’s words, it is likely that male knows that every time his partner has lingerie on, he is going to have sex.

Journal reference: Pfaus, James G., Tod E. Kippin, and Genaro Coria-Avila. “What can animal models tell us about human sexual response?.” Annual review of sex research14.1 (2003): 1-63.