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Will Kids Enjoy Happy Meals without Toys?


To ensure children’s healthy diet, not long ago, Santa Clara County, California banned the happy meals at McDonald’s, because the interesting toys in the happy meals tempt kids to eat the unhealthy and high-calories junk food. Kids will also regard eating fast foods as a rewarding action. In addition to happy meals, some other junk food are also prohibited with similar promotion methods.

 Some people think the act to be ridiculous, since what to feed their kids should be decided by parents and it is not possible that every child who east happy meals will grow up into fat in future. Also, such act is just a temporary solution because even if the junk foods are not on promotion, they are still everywhere.

 While, there are also plenty of people supporting the ban because it more or less can keep people away from fast food and opt for healthier choices—since it was meaningful to prohibit the tobacco advertising to kids, then probation on junk food promotion to kids also has its significance.

 Anyway, let’s express our sympathy to the fast-food-toy-collectors in Santa Clara County.


1.   It’s a sad day for Happy Meals in Santa Clara County

2.   McDonald’s Happy Meals Banned in Santa Clara County, California

3.  Supporters of Happy Meal ban predict movement will spread

4.  Happy Meal toys could be banned in Santa Clara County

5. Happy Meal Law: Santa Clara Bans Toys Tied To Unhealthy Food

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