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Will Solar Flares Have Great Impact on the Earth?

Bad news: solar flares are becoming more of a threat. Good news: we get photos like this.

solar flare

Image credit: NASA/SDO.

Earlier this year, the Sun released such a powerful X1 flare that it brought out a very short radio blackout on the sunlit side of Earth.

As the atmosphere is capable of insulating technology from most effects related with solar-weather, in this case, such flares do not greatly impact on the Earth.

However, Dean Pesnell, project scientist at NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory said that as we were increasingly dependent on GPS, the personal vulnerability to solar flares would become more obvious, so was in the case of the overloaded power system.

For this reason, the scientists are trying very hard to study such phenomena with an unprecedented step for real practice. NASA confirmed that the recent X1 event, captured by the SDO in extreme ultraviolet light, should be the most comprehensively observed flare so far.

Source: Popular Science